Public Relations

PR is Pearl Public Relations’ core marketing discipline--it’s the foundation for our other services. Our ability think "out of the box" will expose your brand to some of the most influential editorial decision makers. Creating a client’s narrative and coverage from numerous news outlets is, in our opinion, the most cost-effective way to boost a brand and its recognizability. 


If your company is already well-established or just starting out, Pearl Public Relations can help research your brand’s best demographics and geographics. Then, we’ll study your competition. This is crucial in developing your core positioning statement, because, as PR & marketing experts, we help clients determine their most important and unique quality--what sets them apart--which becomes the best bargaining chip in sharing a brand’s message with the world.

Crisis Communications

What sets Pearl Public Relations apart from the competition are our crisis communications.

Protecting your name and your brand’s reputation is paramount. As they say, “The best defense is a good offense,” so instead of waiting for a crisis or for news to break, Pearl proactively works with our clients to assess vulnerabilities and challenges upfront. At that time, we develop a strategy and create a crisis management manual specifically designed to guide you through an unforeseen event.

Social Media

Pearl Public Relations’ social media strategy is to make your brand viral. We combine the use of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with social bookmarking and the development of a branded blog to gain followers and consumers, to drive positive conversations, and to learn from your customers and their insights. Compounded, this will build your SEO everyday. 

Advertising + Collateral

Pearl Public Relations has one full-service advertising & marketing agency (Ringofire Digital) and an in-house team of creative and design professionals (Dearly Creative). When you’re looking to shoot a TV commercial, create a print ad or brochure, record radio or interactive content, know that Pearl PR has valuable relationships with a variety of award-winning art directors, copywriters, photographers, directors, and designers, each forward-thinking with an eye for creative excellence.

Logo Development

In the digital age, your logo is who you are. Pearl’s graphic designers and illustrators can create a logo that is a perfect reflection of your brand.

Website Development

Our team of designers, brand strategists, and copywriters will create a website that’s more than just artful. We’ll create a website that sells your brand and your product. We integrate social media, e-commerce, and an easy-to-update platform that will keep your company’s internet identity cutting edge and current.

Business Networking

Pearl Public Relations is well-connected within the lifestyle industry of Charleston, S.C., and loves to gain inclusion for our clients in some of the city’s top events in the business, lifestyle, hospitality, and charitable fields. Pearl Public Relations makes this city our oyster.